Online Educational Resources and Multimedia Content

A curated list of multimedia links for Geography education. These links are not on the CGA website, and will open in a new tab.

Name Subject Type Grade
Map Skills for Elementary Students General Mixed K-6
National Geographic & the Common Core General Mixed All
Hurricanes 101 Climate/Weather Video 8
Carbon & Climate Change in 90 sec. (NASA) Environment & Society Video 10
Videographic: Migration (The Economist) Migration Video 12
Migration of Monarch Butterflies Biology/Ecology Video 9
China: Three Gorges Dam Environment & Society Video 8
Cultural Differences: A Clip from “God Grew Tired of Us” Immigration Video 9
Bison conservation in the West. Environment & Society Video 7
Human Footprint Interactive Environment & Society Interactive Webtool 5
Global Human Journey Migration/Anthro Animation 4
The Economy of a Tent City Refugees Video 9
Living in flooded new orleans Refugees Video 9
Living in the French Quarter Refugees Video 9
Returning to Jefferson Parish Refugees Video 9
The Five Principles of Geography Geography – Basics Video 6
Saving Wild Places in the ‘Anthropocene’ Environment & Society Radio Clip 9
RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism Global Economy Video 12
Majora Carter: Greening the ghetto Social Issues Video 10
Visualizing US Expansion: 1700 – 1900 Migration Video 7
Animated Thematic Map of the Two Party system in America Politics Video 6
Hans Rosling – 200 years of global change Environment & Society Video 11
American history in 60 seconds Geography – Basics Video 6
The United States – Location, Size and Regions Geography – Basics Video 5
Globalization explained Global Economy Video 9
Visualizing The Edible City in 3 Minutes Food/Agriculture Video 9
Gas Rush Stories “Shorts” (39 videos in link) Environment & Society Video 10